Applied Research

Starting with an idea or a need, Ecofaune Boréale initiates and carries out research projects in all areas related to the valorization of wild fur and the whole animal. Applied research projects involve a private partner or interest group, a community. These projects can last between 6 months and 3 years. They are led by researchers specializing in the fields related to wildlife valorization.

  • Federal and provincial research funds are available to cover research activities with a minor financial contribution from the company.
  • Some projects are carried out with other CCTTs or external researchers and experts to complement the expertise required for the project.
  • Innovative product and process development
  • Problem analysis and solving
  • Co-creation with specialists in related fields (textiles, biology, chemistry, equipment...)

Technical Assistance

Écofaune Boréale offers services to help businesses adapt and renew themselves. It's a little boost that makes the difference!

  • Analysis and Optimization of Processes
  • Equipment Productivity Improvement
  • Technology Shift
  • Work Organization
  • Coaching
  • Product Quality Management
  • Issues in Development, Processing, Manufacturing and Distribution

Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination

Whether in the short, medium or long term, improving and updating know-how is crucial for any organization.

  • Implementation of new tanning or dressing processes
  • How to valorize the whole animal
  • Assessment and analysis of training needs
  • Skills development plans
  • Personalized training
  • Credited training
  • Transfer of expertise